High School Cadet Program

High School Cadet Program

About the Cadet Program

This two-year, hands-on program is geared toward high school students participating in The College and Career Academy at Pruden, Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center, and New Horizon’s Career and Technical Education Center programs. The Public Works Academy Cadet Program consists of courses teaching the basics of 32 major areas of work within the Department of Public Works and Utilities. Each class is taught by a subject matter expert from that particular area of work. The classes and field trips last approximately two and a half hours and meet once a month. Students are required to complete a paid summer internship program with Public Works or Utilities, or a member organization of the Public Works Academy.

Students that are recommended by their teacher and accepted into this program after an interview process, will be required to meet some basic criteria. 1) Complete an application; 2) Have good attendance; 3) Maintain their Career and Technical course average of a ‘C’ or better; 4) Complete a summer internship; and 5) Display good work ethics. If these conditions are not met, a student will be released from the program.

Upon successful completion students will receive their certificate, which among other benefits, will highlight them as first priority for public works and utilities positions. In most cases, positions will be available immediately after program completion.

“Attending the Public Works Academy has been one of the most rewarding choices in my life for many reasons. One is because in these tough economic times stable employment is very hard to find and by attending the Public Works Academy I have obtained such employment. Another is because I have been exposed to the various jobs that the Public Works Department offers to an individual.”

Joshua Spratley – Graduate of The College and Career Academy at Pruden Cadet Program

Rose Harrell, City of Virginia Beach, demonstrating how to properly control and slow traffic down to a New Horizons cadet


We are proud to announce the winners of the Hampton Roads Public Works Academy (HRPWA) Scholarships. Our three partner schools, The College and Career Academy at Pruden, New Horizons Regional Educational Center, and Virginia Beach Technical and Career Educational Center are each awarded $2000. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement and community involvement. We are grateful to the APWA for donating the funds for scholarships and appreciate their generosity.

The Virginia Beach Technical and Career Educational Center’s HRPWA Scholarship Recipients

Jeah Hacinas receives only the highest praise from her welding instructor, Mr. Santos. Her internship through HRPWA was with Virginia Beach City Parks and Recreation Department where she worked out of the Lynnhaven Parkway center as a welder. Jeah has been on the Principle’s List and Honor Roll from 2016-2020. She has volunteered to “Feed the Homeless”, served as an assistant for vacation bible school and participated in the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Society. Jeah is enrolling in Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond where she plans on majoring in Crafts and Material Studies. She feels that this course of study will enable her to utilize her “creativity and love of art”. Jeah is hardworking and focused. She attended all of our SME Cadet classes where she participated and asked thoughtful questions. Jeah has expressed her “gratitude for this opportunity”.

Jaylen Johnson is one of Mr. Champigny’s “star pupils” in his Automotive Services class. After his first year in HRPWA, Jaylen’s internship was with HRSD where he worked in their automotive service department. Although he worked and played varsity football at Salem High School, Jaylen always kept his focus on academics. He was Honor Roll and Pricipal’s List from 2016-2020. He will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Jaylen says that he is “extremely honored” to receive this scholarship.

High School Liaisons:

  • The College and Career Academy at Pruden
    Mona Parker
    4169 Pruden Blvd., Suffolk VA 23434
  • New Horizons Regional Education Center
    Chester Hall
    520 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA 23666
    (757)766-1100 x 9 x 3364
  • Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center
    Donna L. Hall
    2925 N. Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Graduates:

  • Keagan Aue-Drummond
  • John Brinkley
  • Hunter Caron
  • Devon Courtney
  • Nathaniel Echols
  • Gavin Gellespie
  • Paige Gerhard
  • Matthew Gravely
  • Deziyah Green
  • Brian Hampton
  • Taina Martinez
  • Jacob Mooney
  • Robert Osborne
  • Angel Pena
  • Niya Randolph
  • Anastasia Richardson
  • Tasia Ricks
  • Darrell Sheets
  • Julia Shelton
  • John Soulerin
  • Ryan Woodward

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Graduates:

  • Darius Aldridge
  • Anthony Brewer
  • Tyree Casteel
  • Caleb Cowles
  • Colin Eastman
  • Rachel Farthing
  • Trent Fisher
  • Chandler Fowler
  • Kane Hamilton
  • Kyla Irizarry
  • Kellye Johnson
  • Hunter McElveen
  • Matthew Montgomery
  • Jonathan Robinson
  • Mathew Saporito
  • Ellison Smith
  • Bailey Stewart
  • Aaron Wheeler
  • Jordan Woodman

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Graduates:

  • Christian Andrejko
  • Rquan Batten
  • Maddison Belcher
  • William Copeland
  • Adrian Dillard
  • Scottinae Hatchett
  • Alex Hensberger
  • Moses Hinton
  • Deantre Hunter
  • Darryl Mickle
  • Shane Donahue-Perucci
  • Mekayla Rundle
  • Benjamin Shapiro
  • Joseph Shematek
  • Dwight Williams

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Graduates:

  • Christian Brito
  • Matthew Carter
  • Matthew Chambers
  • Ronnie Cortes
  • Darcy Finch
  • Julio Gonzalez
  • Bakari Jenkins
  • Shaiheim Johnson
  • Justin Koontz
  • Owen Lawrence
  • Omar Lezcano
  • Jonathan Monahan
  • Reid Morris
  • Howard Odom
  • Kevin Parker
  • Patrick Porto
  • Isaac Smith
  • Tyler Stallings
  • Samuel Turner
  • Justice Williams
  • Joseph Williamson
  • Hannah York

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Graduates:

  • Zachary Ahlin
  • Hassan Anderson
  • Nikolas Battaglia
  • Travis Blizzard
  • Ronald Brooks
  • Richard Fisher
  • Charles Green
  • A’Shon Livingston
  • Jake Loving
  • Haley Oxton
  • Elijah Urquhart
  • Alisha Warmack

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Graduates:

  • Stanton Corcoran
  • Tamara Faircloth
  • Ricardo Hamilton
  • Benjamin Hancock
  • Van Hooker
  • Mark Kluck
  • Jacob Morse
  • Carey Newsome
  • DeShawn Piggee
  • De’Ahzha Williams

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Graduates:

  • William Babb
  • Lakendra Batten
  • Antonio Blackley
  • Andrew Brown
  • Anthony Brown
  • Hunter Davenport
  • Jacqulyn Faison
  • Brandon Harrison
  • Mark Ramirez
  • Christina Ramos
  • Christian Reese
  • Miguel Roman
  • Delano Smith
  • Brittany Watkins
  • Jalil Williams
  • Ron Williams

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Graduates:

  • Dakota Ashley
  • Anthony Copeland
  • Chris Guillot
  • Michaelangelo Hooker
  • Christopher Kennedy
  • Julian May
  • Robert Nieberger
  • Chanice Reid
  • Michael Richardson
  • Rakeem Smith
  • Elizabeth Stone
  • Matthieu Sullivan
  • Matthew Thompson

Congratulations to our 2010-2011 Graduates:

  • Michael Davis
  • Melvin Hazelton
  • Michael Johnson
  • Joshua Lamendola
  • Trevor Olton
  • Christopher Patrick
  • Xavier Ruiz
  • Michael Stallard
  • Ricky Wilkins
  • Rolf Zierow

Congratulations to our 2009-2010 Graduates:

  • Corey Critzer
  • Charles Dunlap
  • Alex Harp

Congratulations to our 2008-2009 Graduates:

  • Maxwell Evans
  • Brett James
  • Lamar Steward
  • Darrell Harper

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