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The continuing educational requirement of area Public Works and Utilities programs are similar. HRPWA acts as a regional coordinator to bring training that meets various members’ needs. This saves members valuable set-up time and tuition costs are lowered due to increased class size. Additionally, HRPWA conducts periodic member training needs analyses to maximize program results.

Past Course Information

Construction & Building Trades Courses

Professional Courses and Home Contractor & Small Business Courses

Construction Mathematics

Students will learn and be able to master, basic mathematics, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry skills used daily in construction inspection and construction management.

Hampton Roads Regional Stormwater Training

Hampton Roads has over a dozen communities that are affected by Phase I or Phase II stormwater regulations. To date, no region-wide training has been available to local government employees. A regional training makes sense for a variety of reasons. All local governments in Hampton Roads share similar interests, concerns, and challenges. It will benefit all of us to learn from each other and to exchange information about those areas we have in common.

Introduction to Construction Inspector

Construction Inspectors assure that projects adhere to the pre-determined plans, specifications and other contractual requirements by thoroughly examining, evaluating, documenting and reporting on the materials furnished, quality of workmanship and the final product. In this introductory class, students will learn a variety of entry-level concepts applicable to construction inspection.

Designing Wastewater Pumps Class

Offered by The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development. Participants will apply the principles learned during the course and conceptually design one or more pumping stations. Participants will analyze incoming flow data, select design flows, size force mains, develop system curves, select pumping equipment, develop station layouts, and critique alternative designs.

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